Cabin Fever?

Chances are, by now, you’ve got a case of cabin fever. If you don’t, your kids surely do! Thankfully, we live in New England, so in between the snowstorms and freezing temperatures, we get those surprise gifts of warmer days.

But, what do you do when the thermometer doesn’t inch above 35 degrees for days on end?

The folks at Family Education, an online network for parents, teachers and kids, suggests these Best Indoor Activities for Winter Breaks:

  • Construct an indoor obstacle course
  • Paint the windows
  • Make silly putty
  • Write a story
  • Play chess
  • Make soap crayons
  • Make a time capsule
  • Create a family tree
  • Build a clay sculpture
  • Make cookies

Do your kids like to read? Indie Bound, an online resource of independent booksellers, maintains a list of inspired recommendations for kids. Check out its January/February 2022 Kids Reading List!

Or maybe you’re looking for a fun new craft project? How about these 16 Easy Winter Craft for Kids or one of these 35 Winter Crafts for Kids.

If all else fails, remember spring is just eight weeks away — it’ll be here before you can say “more snow in the forecast.”