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What Is a Medical Home?

A medical home is a medical office where a team of healthcare professionals work together to provide care for their patients. The staff at Pediatrics Plus* is a Medical Home Team, and consists of Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Medical Assistants, a Care Coordinator, a Lactation Consultant, an Asthma Educator, Receptionists and a Practice Administrator.

At Pediatrics Plus*, we are interested in the “whole” child—your child’s physical, emotional, behavioral and educational well-being. We will partner with you to ensure your child reaches his or her full potential.

When joining our home, you are encouraged to select a Pediatrician or Nurse Practitioner to be your primary care provider. That individual will work with you and the rest of the team to ensure that your health care needs are met. You are encouraged to call the office with any questions regarding the health or well-being of your child. Receptionists can schedule appointments, and will preferentially schedule you with your primary care provider. Nurses will be the first to answer any questions, and will consult your primary provider if they are uncertain how to help you.

When you visit our office for an appointment, the receptionist will check you in, request updated address, phone and insurance information, and take any forms from you that you need completed. A medical assistant or nurse with take your height, weight, and vital signs, and ask you questions about your medications, allergies and visits to other health care providers. Your primary care clinician will then meet with you to listen to your concerns, take an interim history, examine your child, and develop a care plan with you to address any issues. The nursing team will administer any necessary immunizations or treatments.

Prior to your scheduled visit, the care team will have met to review your chart and anticipate what your needs might be. Following your visit, the care coordinator will arrange for any referrals that need to be made, and follow through to make sure that we receive information back about the referral.

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